Making a Comeback

Amazon is at it again, but we're standing firm.

Sweat Equity.

Once again, is hurting small business. It's the same stuff, different day. We tried once before to work with Amazon to get our products on their website, but it was such a headache as they attempted to strong-arm us at every turn, we decided it was best to forget it. You can read our original post here.

Since we are a product company and literally everyone and their mother shops on Amazon, we decided to try once more to work with them and get our products on their website. 3 months later... the result is another disaster. Because of a system error on their end, our products are all the wrong prices and entirely unorganized. Search Princeton Audio on Amazon and you'll see what we're talking aboutDue to this mess, our products are displayed online at Amazon for an enormous discount, even though Amazon can't currently sell or ship YOU anythingWe're hard at work attempting to correct this problem, but it's hard to do that when we can't even talk to a real person at Amazon. Like we said, it's a disaster.

We (and our customers) believe our products are worth every penny at our original pricing we have on our own website, and Amazon's incorrect pricing is cheapening our image. Each product is hand made out of quality materials with the intention of lasting for decades. You know, the way things used to be done, they way they should be done. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. With us, you get beautiful wooden audio products, handcrafted specifically for you that can be proudly displayed in your home. These masterpieces are sanded smooth and sweat over by professional American craftsmen, not assembled by machines and cheap labor, in one of our competitors' overseas factories. (Trust us, those go out one door and another "brand" goes out the other) As it stands right now, the only place to buy Princeton Audio speakers is on our website, for the price that reflects their timeless, old world, handcrafted value. Amazon can try and cheapen the value of our products, but we're standing firm in what we believe.

In the immortal words of Todd Hoffman, "frick those bastards."

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Custom S:One Speakers

We'll let our customers do the talking...

The S:One speakers by Princeton Audio are individually crafted American-made tone-wood loudspeakers for those that value sound quality and pride of ownership. The sound quality is pristine, unlike plastic boxes that confuses booming bass for quality musical enjoyment."

- Michael I.

These little speakers are beautifully crafted, and you can tell they really are handmade. Lots of attention to detail like the magnetic faceplate make the S:One stand out as a thoughtfully designed foil to the throw-away mass-produced products that currently dominate the bluetooth speaker market."

- Phillip

I decided to purchase looking at other things I could compare: quality of materials and technology, professional and purchaser reviews, and the message from the founder on the blog and website: that I was dealing with a craftsman's company that I should count on for integrity and personal service. A high quality speaker, made in U.S.A. with unique materials and a modern design."

- J. T.

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