Wireless System Pairing

Regardless of where and how you listen to your music, we believe it should sound as good as possible. That means stereo sound, but without the hassle of wires or wi-fi.

Enjoying the convenience of portable music has always meant a concession. Sure, there are "stereo" portable speakers out there, but two drivers four inches apart just doesn't quite cut it. That is why two of our speakers can pair via Bluetooth and play real, left and right stereo sound. The result? A more realistic, in person experience when listening to any genre from reagge to hip hop.

Mahogany Site:1 Bluetooth Stereo Pair with iPad

Marc Golde, the owner of Rock Garden Studio in Appleton, WI, shares his expert opinion on stereo sound.

Black Walnut Site:1 Speaker w/ Silver Hardware

Site:1 Speaker

Using a single driver, an individual speaker will combine the stereo sound into a mono-channel sound. We only use on driver per speaker to ensure clean sound, avoiding conflicting air flow from multiple drivers.
Black Walnut Site:1 Bluetooth Stereo Pair w/ Silver Hardware

Site:1 Stereo Pair

Using any two Site:1 Speakers, using Bluetooth they can be paired to play real left and right sound. The pairing process does not require an app, wi-fi, or wires so you can still use your favorite streaming service.
Black Walnut 2.1 Bluetooth Site:System w/ Silver Hardware

2.1 Site:System

Using two of our Site:1 Speakers and a Site:Woofer (currently in development), you can create a real 2.1 System. This means clean, tight bass that can still pack-a-punch without wires.

Upgrade Anytime in the Future

That's right, not only can build your perfect wireless system but you can do so over time. Start with one speaker, add a second later, then decide whether to add a Site:Woofer. Each speaker will communicate seamlessly with the others, it's that easy.

To shop, start by selecting a tonewood!

Each wood sounds a little different. Build your perfect system using the same two or mix and match, you decide.
For help matching your taste in music to the perfect tonewood, click here and take our Tonewood Challenge.

Black Walnut

Rich & Balanced

A denser tonewood, this beauitful wood features a deep, rich sound making it a favorite for pianos.

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Warm & Mellow

A standard in acoustic guitars, this lighter tonewood features a uniquely blended, warm sound.

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Bright & Crisp

A favorite in electric guitars, this wood provides the widest specturm of sound with great bass and trebel.

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Clean & Smooth

The lightest of the tonewoods, Cherry speakers have the cleanest seperation with a focus on mid-tones.

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