365-Day Sweet Sound Guarantee

365-Day Sweet Sound Guarantee

Really its simple. We want you to experience our products for up to a full year and should you not love them, return them – you just need to ship them back to us. Should you decide that you want to try a different tonewood, great. Send them back and we will happily swap them out. Your thinking, there is: “what’s the catch?” There isn’t one. We make great wireless speakers, you pay to move them around and enjoy them, the end. Should you scratch one, no big deal, these speakers are made from solid wood and you can liken them to wood floors, we can re-sand them and reuse them. There a small fee for that of $50 per speaker.

The ONLY thing you need to pay attention to? This offer is only valid when you buy directly from PA and you fill out our 365-Day on-line registration. Sure, you can buy our products on Amazon and we will gladly offer the full 5-year warranty, (you NEED to register your product within 30-Days of receipt of it) but the 365-Day SSG… nope. Amazon’s return policy is up to them.

This offer is effective May 22nd, 2018 – any products sold before this, do not qualify. Please contact 365@princeton-audio.com for any questions. Each speaker must come to Princeton Audio in working condition.

The 365-Day Guarntee is voided if any of the following apply:

  • Damages present are caused by water, fire, or electrical surges.
  • The serial numbers are damaged or tampered with.
  • If the product has been serviced by an unauthorized person or source.